Dramatic Eye Makeup

Dramatic Eye Makeup for the most important feature when we first look into  someone’s face for the first time, we take in the face as a whole and get a  general impression, but where we focus and concentrate almost immediately is on  the eyes. Eye contact is part of any meaningful meeting and all speakers learn  this early on, so it is no mystery why so many people are curious about dramatic  eye makeup to emphasize this important feature. Stage actors learn quickly that  even men need makeup to look good on stage, and if nothing else will need  attention to the lips and to the eyes.

On stage, more bold makeup is required to avoid looking washed out by a camera or live audience. Woman will need very dramatic eye makeup to look just ordinary on stage, and to look bold, will need what otherwise might seem over the top. When designing a dramatic eye makeup several factors are important. One is the person being adorned, paying attention to their style, skin condition, preferences, sensitivities and finally with the setting in which they will appear. Inch long lashes and cat eye effects might be fine for a cocktail party but would be wildly inappropriate for teaching a Sunday school class.

Another factor is price, of course, but there are good eye makeup products in even budget ranges, and how you use the makeup is more important than the price. It must be good enough not to smudge easily or wear off too soon or flake or crack and mascara and eye liner really should be “tear proof” to avoid those ugly “trails” when emotional. When we say dramatic eye makeup, we do not necessarily mean obvious or over the top. Eye makeup that plays up eye color, adds light and sparkle, and hides flaws, dark areas and wrinkles can make a dramatic improvement without looking clownish. Outlandish colors and amounts, as well as things like glitter and extremes with brows and lashes may be dramatic without looking good for everyday wear.

Someone once said the perfect makeup would make you look perfectly wonderful while looking perfectly natural, and it is a good suggestion. Lighter colors can add emphasis to the eyes and open them up, and darker tones can help contour and distract from problem areas. Dark circles can be erased with the right makeup and look just like the rest of the face, which is dramatic, but subtle.

Going on stage or some special occasions are perfect excuses for experimenting with more extreme and dramatic eye makeup looks and methods. You can be a cat woman for a special party or become a long lost queen ofEgyptfor a romantic evening. When trying extreme eye designs, suit yourself, but it is a good idea to get a second opinion from a trusted person who will be absolutely honest. The line between drama and looking silly is one you don’t want to cross. Still, experimenting is great fun, and the eyes are very amenable to drama.