How To Cover Your Eyebrows Using The Glue Stick Method

1.Clean brow are with alcohol and be extremely careful not to get it in your eyes. This will help the glue stick to your oil free skin!!
2.Use the spooly brush to comb your brow hairs in a downward motion
3.drag glue downwards though brow hairs. If you really wanna make sure you tucked the glue under your hairs you may also move the glue stick in an upward motion through your brows. I do not recommend going against the growth of your brow hairs because I have known sticky glue sticks to pull out brow hairs and that is not what you want.
4.Use your finger to smooth your brows down as flat as you can get them.
5.Apply a thin second coat of glue and smooth it out with your finger again. Use a brush or puff to set the glue with a fine layer of translucent powder.
6.Scrape off a chunk of glue and use your spatula to smooth it evenly over one brow at a time. Pay careful attention to really making the edge where the glue meets your skin extra smooth. You may use your fingers at that point if necessary to make the edge less lumpy.
7.wait at least one minute
8.powder your browns lightly with either a translucent powder or powder foundation to absorb any last bit of moisture from the layers of glue
9.Use a brush to stipple a thin layer of concealer two shades lighter than your skin onto the brows. If the texture is at all slightly uneven use the brush to push the concealer into those tiny crevices to make them appear less deep and noticeable. Be very gentle you don’t want to make any more depressions in the glue or make existing ones worse!
10.Set the concealer with a powder foundation or a translucent powder
11.Repeat the process of using your brush to apply concealer a second time but this time use a concealer that matches your skin tone as closely as possible but never darker.
12.Smooth out the concealer by using a patting motion (NOT DRAGGING!!!) do this using a damp make up sponge like the Beauty Blender
13.Set again with powder (preferably using a powder puff like Laura Mercier’s
14.Apply your foundation over your work using the damp make up sponge
15.wait for your foundation to set/dry
16.Set work using a powder puff or extremely light strokes with a brush with either your powder foundation or a translucent powder
Use a wash cloth soaked in very warm water as a compress. You may also add a little eye make up remover to the washcloth if you like. When the glue has softened gently slide of your face. Use your regular cleanser and moisturizer afterwards and your good to go!!!

Helpful Tips…
1.Apply all layers very thinly. The idea is to build the amount of coverage you will need in a smooth and precise manner;
2.Do not cake on thick layers or you will create a lumpy, thick, disaster. Less is more here. You can always add more but in this case it is damn near impossible to reduce or take away layers if you make the mistake of getting overzealous with product.
3.Give each layer time to set and dry
4.If you need your brows to be 100% covered, such as you are trying to look like a cancer patient or a baby or whatever, make your first layer of concealer a white on to cancel out the darkness of your brow hair more effectively. Consecutive layers of concealer may be done with a full coverage tattoo concealer. Kat Von D makes a great one available at Additional layers of powder may be done with a foundation powder.
5.If you re planning on putting eyeshadow over your brows it is OK if they are ever so slightly visible when you have completed covering them. At that point the issue really is the texture and you need to make sure they are really smooth so that the eyeshadow you put over it looks nice and even.
6.Be patient with this!!! You may need to experiment several times to get it just how you want it in terms of texture and how much coverage you want.

Products Used:

1.99% isopropyl alcohol
2.Tissue or cotton swab
3.Glue Stick (preferably acid free)
4.Spooly brow brush or clean mascara wand
5.MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Powder Foundation in “Medium Plus”
6.Stila #33 Dual ended Foundation/concealer brush
7.Artist spatula, business card, old credit card, or anything with a dull flat edge
8.Lise Watier Portfolio Corrector concealer palette #695 “Light”
9.MAC Studio Finish Concealer “NC35″
10.Beauty Blender Sponge
11.Make Up Forever HD Foundation #125
12.Make Up Forever HD Powder


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