Knowing how to blend foundation makeup is the most important step in applying makeup to your face. Foundation makeup serves as a base, and proper blending is necessary for natural-looking coverage. Your fingertips can serve as the best tool to correctly apply foundation makeup.



    • 1

      Use your fingertips to gently smooth on foundation under the eyes.

    • 2

      Apply foundation to your forehead by making side-to-side strokes then blend up and down to fully cover your forehead.


    • 3

      Dot each cheek with foundation then blend out to the hairline. Sweep your fingertips in toward the nose and then blend downward.

    • 4

      Put a small amount of foundation on your nose and blend up and down then over the sides of your nose.

    • 5

      Make small side-to-side strokes to blend foundation on your chin then move up and down.

    • 6

      Smooth your fingertips along each area of your face and spread your foundation makeup evenly to provide a level, natural surface for your powder.

Tips & Warnings

  • Shake your liquid foundation very well before application and use small amounts of foundation on your fingertips to apply.

  • Apply foundation to your eyelids to hide discoloration.

  • Focus on the center of your face and use less foundation and powder around the edge of your face and hairline.

  • Do not use concealer under your eyes. Apply foundation under your eyes for a more natural look.

  • Avoid sponges as they absorb more foundation than necessary. Your fingers are the best blending tool you own.


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