NEW L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers and Colour Correctors. 6 New Shades have been added to the current selection of Concealer Shades, except now we have Colour Correctors to. Yay!
All my Fair Skin Beauties would be so excited as well. There are 2 new lighter shades, Porcelain and Light Ivory.
There is now a shade you can actually highlight with.
Continue reading to learn what Colour Correctors do.
Yellow: Neutralizes the purple/blue bags under your eyes.
Its also great for olive skin tones who want that super Kim K Highlight.
Green: Is great to neutralize any unwanted redness.
It can be from acne, rosacea, blemishes, heat rash etc
Orange: Is amazing! to use on olive/deeper skin tones that have extreme dark blue under eyes. Blue being more “cool tone” the simplest way to think of a orange corrector is that it warms up the cool tone. So when you go and apply your concealer it doesn’t look ashy, and it covers the darkness a whole lot better.
Tip: If you are of a lighter complexion, you want to go for a more peach/salmon corrector. The orange can be to strong for your skin tone “otherwise” you can mix it in with your concealer. You only need a TINY bit of the orange corrector, maybe have a play when your not going somewhere important Ha!

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