Makeup Tips For Green Eyes

Gorgeous Green Eyes

When it comes to makeup tips for green eyes keep in mind that there are different shades of green. Green eyes can be very light to deep green.  There are also shades that appear to be nearly turquoise. The majority of green eyes will fall into one of the four color levels below. Select the level that is closest to your color. Then try out the recommendations for eye shadow selections.


Makeup Tips For Eyes:  4 Green Levels

1. Are your eyes deep dark green?This color is also referred to as forest green.  It is an intense green, the darkest of all greens.  If you have this color you can wear almost any shade of eye shadow and darker colors look especially good on you. In addition, you can wear most shades of eyeliner.  The darkest brown eyeliners look exceptional on you.

2.  Are your eyes sea green?  (Almost turquoise?)  This color range shows a distinct green tone that almost appears to be blue at times.  You can wear everything from the light eye shadows to the mid-range shades.  Your color of green eyes even looks good in blue eye shadow!  The darkest eye shadows can still be used for lining your eyes.

3.  Are your eyes light to mid-green?  This is a true green often with golden or pale flecks of color.    Sometimes women with this shade of green have difficulty wearing darker eyeshadows.  Limit the dark shadows to the outer edges of your eyes and use them for lining your eyes. Keep your choices of shadow to those that are not darker than your own eyes.

4. Are your eyes soft green and almost gray? Then they are a mysterious green.  They are the lightest green.  It’s a tricky color and you may have encountered a number of problems in selecting eye shadows.  The truth is that you can wear most light to mid-range colors.  You need to be extra careful not to overpower your color.  Use medium colors to line your eyes with and use in the crease.  Pass on the darker shadows.

Your Universal Color

Once you’ve determined your shade range it’s time to select colors.  There is a universal color for green eyes – complementary color.  The color that complements green is the one that is opposite it on the color wheel.

The opposite of green is red and the way that is translated in makeup terms is to choose a color with red in it.  This means that purples, violets and mauves are actually your universal colors because they contain more red in them.

If you have a darker skin tone or you are tanned, you’ll find that these shades look striking on you!