Few things are as cute and innocent as a glam-eyed baby doll. Because of this,  many women enjoy creating a Glam Doll-like effect using makeup. The doll look is one  that can be modified for regular wear or amplified for costumes.



    • 1

      Make sure the skin is clean and exfoliated before makeup application. Proper  exfoliation will rid the face of dead skin cells  which will make for even application of foundation.

    • 2

      Apply a matte foundation to the face using fingertips or a makeup sponge.  Cover the entire face, including the lips. For an understated look, the  foundation should come as close as possible to the natural skin tone. To create  a dramatic, porcelain-like appearance, a lighter shade may be used. Seal the  foundation with a translucent loose powder, applied with a powder  brush.

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    • 3

      Apply a bright, shimmery shadow to the eyes. The shade is optional, but  should be fun and youthful (no subdued mattes or neutrals). Complete the look  with a sweeping of white or light-colored shadow on under the brow bone and at  the corners of the eyes to draw extra attention to the eye  area.

    • 4

      Use a black kohl pencil to line the upper lid at the lash line. Lining the  top and keeping the lower lash line bare makes the eyes look bigger, helping  with the doe-eyed doll illusion. A touch of white liner at the waterline can  make the eyes appear brighter.

    • 5

      Complete the eye makeup with big, doll-like eyelashes. This can be achieved  with several coats of lengthening mascara  or with the application of long false eyelashes. The effect should be  concentrated on the upper lashes. However, individual false lashes can be added  to the lower lashes for a more dramatic look, if desired.

    • 6

      Apply blush  to the apples of the cheeks using a large blush brush. Subtlety is not the  desired effect, so the shade should be a rosy pink or light red. To get the full  baby doll cheeks effect, apply the blush in a circular  motion.

    • 7

      Use a rosy pink or red lip liner to draw a cupid’s bow on the mouth.  Accentuate the ‘v’ in the middle of  top lip and line outward, making the line  curve downward before reaching the corners of the mouth. When lining the bottom  lip, match up to where the line on the top lip ends. The result on the bottom  lip should resemble a full, half-circle shape. Fill in the lined areas with a  matching lip color.