Tattoo Covering

1Test different concealers or foundations on the tattoo to be covered. The makeup must match perfectly with skin tone. It might take a combination of several colors to get the right match.2Prepare the skin by shaving off any hair covering the tattoo. Make up will stick to the hair possibly drawing more attention to the area than the tattoo would.3Apply one thin coat of the matched concealer to the tattoo. The makeup should extend over the edges of the tattoo and blend with the skin so there is no defined line between the makeup and the skin. Blend with fingers, a foam wedge or a flat makeup brush. Allow the layer to dry completely.


Repeat step three. Apply one very thin coat of concealer, blend and allow it to dry completely. Once it is dry, apply one more coat, blend and allow it to dry.


Use the powder brush to reduce shininess by dusting a translucent powder over the tattoo. The powder should be slightly lighter than your natural skin tone. Not only will this tone down the shininess, it will help to set the make up underneath making for a longer lasting finish.