Does Sulfur 8 Promote Hair Growth?

Over the years, many African-American’s have experienced great hair growth by  using the product Sulfur 8. There are claims that with daily usage Sulfur 8  helps hair grow. The product contains petrolatum, mineral oil, alcohol and  sulfates. Many people don’t use products that contain these because of fears  that they stunt hair growth, while others experience no such problems.

Hair Growth

  • The average healthy person can expect 1/2 inch of hair growth per month.  Genetics, exercise, diet and proper hair care also contribute to how fast hair  grows.


  • Sulfur 8 was first formulated in 1948 and has been a favorite of people  throughout the world for controlling dandruff and relieving itchy scalp. Sulfur  8 products are medicated to scientifically heal hair by repairing the scalp,  reducing itch, ridding dandruff and moisturizing the hair and scalp. They are  available in a wide variety of functions and sizes. Sulfur 8’s ingredients  includes: Sulfur (2 percent solution), petrolatum, lanolin, sorbitan trioleate,  polysorbate-81, mineral oil, menthol and triclosan.


  • Sulfur 8 products include shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing creams, braid  sheens, dandruff treatments and serums and hair grease, which is the most  popular for encouraging hair growth, thanks to its oils, moisturizers and  conditioners.


  • Benefits of Sulfur 8 include curing dandruff and treating ringworm of the  scalp, as well as promoting a healthy scalp.


  • Sulfur has a strong odor that is unpleasant to some, and many people do not  like the weight of the grease in their hair, though light-formulation version is  available.

Sulfur is a yellow nonmetal, and is found in a variety of forms, ranging from a yellow powder to more crystalline structures.