How To Become A Singer At 12 Years Old

Being a famous singer isn’t always glamorous and amazing. In fact, it’s really a hard lifestyle and it takes a truly dedicated singer to get noticed and stay successful throughout her career. In this career field, you must be able to handle harsh critics and be reliable to earn a good reputation amongst promoters and talent buyers. On top of that, you need musical talent and the passion to rehearse and improve your abilities. If you’re a 12-year-old, your voice will likely change as you mature, so you must be willing and able to accept and adapt to your new vocal abilities as you age.


Learn how to sing. Knowing how to sing perfectly is important to kick-start a 12-year-old’s singing career. In addition to having natural talent, individuals need to develop singing skills.


Find a mentor or voice coach. It’s important to get early guidance, even if you have substantial talent. A mentor will teach you what it really takes to become a singer, including handling the media, fans and fame. Voice coaches will help you develop your talents and improve your singing abilities. This includes singing from the diaphragm, so you do not hurt your throat, and learning how to properly breathe while singing. Exercises designed to strengthen vocal techniques and the voice are other subjects a mentor or a voice coach will teach you. The mentor and voice coach can be the same person, or two different people.


Practice daily. Vocal cords are constantly changing; think of your voice as an untrained muscle that needs to daily exercise.


Develop an image. This doesn’t mean to turn yourself into someone else; it just means that you’ll need to find and highlight personality traits that will catch people’s attention and make yourself marketable to a large audience. Discuss the image and branding of yourself as a singer with your parents, mentor and anyone else close to your career.


Find a trademark. Even the most memorable, talented individuals will benefit from a trademark. It can be a hair style like Justin Beiber’s, jewelry, an expression or a dance move. The trademark gives people a symbol or visual image to associate with you.


Be original. There’s a fine line between being inspired by a famous singer star and trying to be that star. Imitating someone will only make it harder for talent agents and fans to see your true hidden talent.


Work hard. Take any chances that are presented to perform and expose all that talent and practice to the world, especially when you’re just starting. As you gain success, you can turn down offers that aren’t appealing to you, but beginners should sing at every opportunity that comes their way. Students can join the school or church choir and develop good habits, including working and learning from others, as well as performing in front of a live audience. Enter contests. Start with local ones and work up to some national signing competitions. Some of the prizes offered in these contests could jump-start a signing career. Lastly, use the Internet. As a 12-year-old, your fans most likely use the Internet to watch videos and listen to music from current stars, so create a website and post videos to popular sites that display your talent.


Be confident. This is one of the most crucial characteristics a young singer can have and maintain throughout a career. This characteristic is easily spotted by talent buyers and agents. Believing in yourself and enjoying what you do is also important for a young singer.