Blush Tips…

shunmua1Cream blushes are more pigmented and are great layered underneath a powder blush to add more intensity. As with the other types of makeup, choosing a powder or cream blush comes down to the finish you want and your skin type. If you are acne prone, layering on too many creamy products could overwhelm your skin. If you’re trying out the statement blush trend, a cream formula gives a nice glow. If you want to increase the intensity, layer a powder blush and blend.


Daytime Eye Makeup

Brazen liner, glamorous glitter and mega-lush lashes are a few of our very favorite things, but we know—much to the dismay of our drama-loving hearts—that they’re not always appropriate for daytime settings. To help us walk the fine line between what’s suitable and what’s overkill for the office, we got the five rules of daytime eye makeup from professional makeup artist Lashundra Easton.


1. Avoid Black & Glitter

“First, I believe makeup should be fun and highlight your beauty. However, if you work in a corporate or conservative setting, ‘too-much’ eye makeup is not work appropriate. For example, a dark smoky eye is a no-go for everyday wear at the office. Avoid using colors like black, dark blue or anything glittery,” SHUN advises.

2. Master Subtle Liner

If you love liner, but don’t want to look overly done Shun has two great techniques for subtle liner. “Dash the eyeliner pencil into the lash line—it will make the lashes look fuller,” or “use a cake eyeliner (a water activated, usually potted liner) with a stiff, flat brush. Apply the eyeliner under the lash line for a ‘non-eyeliner’ look.”

3. Lighten Up Your Smoky Eye

If you love yourself a pretty smoky eye, don’t feel like they’re completely banished for daytime. If you opt for “more subtle tones like plums, greys or browns you can create a lovely daytime smoky look. Apply the darkest tone close to the lash line then blend upward toward the crease. You want to create a sunset effect. Then finish it off with a couple of coats of black mascara,” SHUN says.

4. Keep it Simple

If you need inspiration for the perfect daytime eye makeup, Lashundra shared her recipe. “First, I apply a skin tone eye base to brighten my eye. Second, I apply eyeliner under the lash line to make my lashes look fuller. Third, I fill in my eyebrows. The eyebrows frame your eyes, so never forget to define them. Lastly, apply several coats of mascara. It’s a clean, fresh look for everyday.”

5. Wear What You Love  

The most important rule to keep in mind? “Never wear anything you are not confident in. Makeup should bring out our inner confidence. If you love bright shadows go for it, but be sure all colors suit your skin tone and compliment your eye color,” SHUN says. When in doubt, tone down the glamorous looks you love to interpret them for day, and do you, girlfriend.

Tips On Bridal Hairstyles


This task can be very confusing so I will try to give you good pointers to help steer you in the right direction.

First thing to decide is whether you want your hair up or down.

Secondly, do you like things more plain or more glamorous? Brides that like to have things more plain and “safe” feel more comfortable in lower, more simple, not too detailed type of wedding hairstyle.  If glamor on the other hand is something you’re going for then you may want a higher, fuller, curlier and bigger type of bridal updo.

Thirdly, be sure to get a hairstyle that compliments your facial structure.  That means, if you have a small or big forehead, try sweeping your bangs across your forehead.  If you have a square jaw line, try leaving some hair swirls or loose pieces  around your face to soften the strong lines.  If you have a long lean face, an updo will only elongate your face even more.  In this case, consider a “half up, half down” hairstyle.

Lastly, pick a hairstyle that will also compliment your bridal gown.Here are some examples.

– A Princess Ball gown will look best with a bigger and higher updo

-A heavily decorated and beaded gown will look best with curls and random curls everywhere

-A Vintage gown looks best with finger waves and thick curls

-A Strapless gown will look best with some hair down

-A Halter top gown will look best with the hair up and off the shoulders

Tips for your bridal hairstyle trial :

1-Wear a white shirt

2-Bring your veil and any bridal hair jewelry if you already have them

3-Bring pictures of wedding looks that you like

4-Have clean dry hair

5-Wear makeup or have it applied afterwards

6-If you bring someone with you, make sure it’s someone who thinks like you and knows what you like

7-Bring your camera

8-Be honest about what you think (this is not the time for your stylist to guess at what you’re thinking)

Wedding Hairstyle Tips:

-Hairstyles are divided into front and back.

-The front can be parted or straight back and add volume. The back can be high, medium or low and intricate or simple and big or small. If you see something you like, do not disregard it because you do not like part of the hairstyle. Let your hairstylist know which part you like of each hairstyles.

-Hair can be manipulated to look thicker and longer. Hair extensions could be useful, but not always necessary.

-If you are going to add hair extensions, they must be real human hair. Synthetic hair does not have styling abilities.

-If you want to add fullness to your hairstyle and you feel like your hair is too thin to provide that fullness, flowers are a perfect solution to fill in the gaps.