Kat Von D Foundation


A high-pigment, full-coverage foundation with a matte finish and 24-hour wear—now with a new look in a total of 30 shades. Featuring 30 full-coverage, matte shades—renamed to include undertones for easier shade selection—Kat Von D’s bestselling foundation collection


What it is:
A high-pigment, full-coverage foundation with a matte finish and 24-hour wear—now with a new look in a total of 30 shades.

What it does:
Featuring 30 full-coverage, matte shades—renamed to include undertones for easier shade selection—Kat Von D’s bestselling foundation collection has a shade to cover virtually all skin tones. From the fairest of the fair to deep, rich tones, this shade range has you covered with the same, 24-hour wear and high-pigment formula, beautifully packaged in a sleek new design.

With just one light layer, the creamy formula corrects discoloration, stops shine, and hides blemishes. Formulated with 21 percent pigment, this powerful foundation is loaded with proprietary pigments, and an exclusive high-tech blend of silicone elastomers and silicone esters to bind the formula so you get total matte coverage that stays waterproof, fade-proof, and transfer-resistant all day long.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
Lock-It Foundation’s innovative airless chamber prevents contamination to protect and maintain the creamy consistency so that every pump delivers a precisely measured, fresh dose to flawlessly cover your entire face.

Prep skin with Lock-It Hydrating Primer for more comfortable wear and better application of Lock-It Foundation.

Kat Von D used an antique wax seal as the inspiration for the new Lock-It Collection design.

#VeganAlert! Lock-It Foundation is completely free of animal-derived ingredients.

“I am proud to say that Kat Von D Beauty products are never tested on animals—and never will be.”—Kat Von D



Ben Nye Total Cover – All Wheel (SK-100)

The first step in doing makeup (at least for me) is having a flawless face to work with. Perfecting the base is something I take time doing, especially with clients I do makeup for. I always have this notion, where in the face, works like a canvass when it comes to makeup. I know it is cliché to say that, as a lot of people who do makeup think of it that way. But that statement is as clear as saying that one needs a flawless face to work with in order to achieve perfection in applying makeup.
Great bases help attain that, which is why I started investing with good ones to help build a decent kit for clients.
Ben Nye is a theatrical makeup company – by means of that, it is a heavy duty makeup made to withstand the harsh lights of the industry. It started in 1967 by a famous Hollywood makeup artist; Benjamin Emmet Nye Sr., who was renowned for decades (yes decades) in the said field. A few movies I am familiar with, regarding his work would be Gone With the Wind and Planet of the Apes.
Enough with the trivia, I know you want the review so here it goes.
The shades of the concealer wheel is perfect for a lot of uses. Aside from concealing, it is also perfect for highlighting. I photographed the wheel , but only a few! Here’s the name of each shade (from the right ‘middle one’ in clockwise direction) CC-1, MY-2, MO-11, MY-1, MO-2 and the middle one which is MO-1.
The Ben Nye Total Cover-all Wheel in SK-100 is a concealer wheel divided into 6 portions. Although, you may purchase the shades individually, I find it more economical to buy the cover wheel as you get 6 shades for the price of 3. It is a cream based concealer with superb pigmentation. It offers great coverage without making it look thick – it is blendable (I know it is not even a word but you girls get me with that right?) enough to make your makeup look natural and at the same time it has the ability to hide those unwanted marks that you wish to conceal. I tried using this on a birthmark and it covered well. And since it is blends well, you can mix different shades to match the shade of the skin tone that you are aiming for.

How to Hide Dark Under Eye Circles or Lighten Them with Makeup

Most women over thirty will at some point wonder how to get rid of under eye circles. There are three  ways to attack the problem of dark under-eye circles: prevention, topical application and   cosmetic restoration. Holistic prevention, while     being the easiest solution for some people is also     the least effective for most.

Tips to Cover, Hide & Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles with Makeup

But home remedies can only do so much. If your dark under eye circles don’t budge even after a long nap and eight glasses of water a day, it’s time to go the cosmetic or make up route. There are lots of options here, some more useful than others.

  1. Apply a Good Moisturizer  Moisturizers are helpful mainly in that if you have lines around your eyes, the shine from the moisturizer will help lessen them and create a lighter look. Look for moisturizers with natural ingredients such as avocado oil, sesame, Vitamin K and Vitamin E. Moisturizer also works well as a base for under eye makeup like concealer because it smoothes the skin and makes it easier to apply a tinted cosmetic. There are no make-up secrets here: moisturizer will help other makeup keep from caking.
  2. Use a Makeup Primer for Long Lasting, Streak-Free Concealer   Makeup primers help makeup stay in place, last longer and fill in fine lines and wrinkles.  Makeup primers are worn over your favorite moisturizer, but under your foundation makeup.  If you have fine lines under your eyes, a makeup primer will stop concealer from filling in those lines creating an unnatural creased or streaked look.  Makeup primers also stop natural skin oils from eroding away your morning makeup application throughout the day.   Your makeup will look fresher much longer without re-applying.
  3. Choose the Right Color Concealer  The best beauty product for under eye circles is concealer, and most makeup artists agree that it’s important to use one with a slight golden color, as yellow tones counteract dark ones. Chamomile has long been known as a natural remedy for skin, and some concealers contain this ingredient which can help cure as it covers. Concealer is great for dealing with dark circles as long as you get the right shade and apply it correctly.
  4. Don’t Use Concealer that is too Light in Color  Some women make the mistake of choosing a concealer that’s too light: then you wind up with reverse-raccoon eyes, where the whiteness under your eyes looks strange and somewhat alien. The ideal concealer is usually a shade lighter than your foundation. To some extent, the area under the eyes is somewhat shadier than the rest of your face because the eye sockets naturally are somewhat receded into the face. If your concealer is too light, your eyes will disappear in the glare.
  5. Dot Concealer Under Eyes with Ring Finger  Concealer can be applied before or after foundation or without foundation at all.  It is really a personal preference.  When it comes to natural looking concealer less is more.  Add “dots” of concealer in the darkened area under the eye starting with the inner corner and following your orbital bone.  Next begin blending in the dots of concealer with your ring finger (preferred method) or concealer brush.  Your ring finger is your weakest finger, therefore, the most gentle on your under eye skin.  The under eye area is extremely delicate, so be very gentle when applying concealer to avoid adding future wrinkles and irritation.
  6. Follow up with Power to Set   To keep concealer in place, apply a light layer of power over the under eye area.  If you find power is not enough to keep your concealer application fresh all day long, try adding a makeup primer to your daily makeup routine.  Primers are worn under your makeup, but over your moisturizer (see Tip #2 above).


What Causes Under-Eye Circles & Darkness?

Dark circles under the eyes tends to be a genetic issue and practically unavoidable if dark under eye areas run in your family. But for people whose genetic background doesn’t predispose them to dark circles, the easiest solution may be to get some sleep and drink a lot more water. One of the first signs of fatigue or dehydration is dark circles that appear under the     cat eye  eyes. The under-eye skin is thin, with a membrane that runs between a fatty layer and the outer layer of skin we see. When your body needs water, it shows up around the eyes first. Drinking liquor causes   dehydration, as does over consumption of sugar and                            caffeine. Stress also causes under eye puffiness.

Diet can impact your face too, especially if you have food allergies, and sulfites in wine can wreak havoc on the delicate skin around your eyes. So, once again, the answer nobody wants to hear: you  might be able to banish undereye circles from within by taking care of your health.

Non Surgical and Surgical Treatments to Correct Puffy Under Eyes

If you’re tired of trying to erase your circles with eye cream, you may be looking for a treatment or  even a cure. Looking tired all the time can affect     your morale as well as the way people treat you. There are non-surgical options to eliminate puffy or dark undereye areas: injections performed by cosmetic surgeons can fill the hollows, and need repeating every three or four months. A really good ocularfacial surgeon can tighten the skin of the eyelids, reducing the puffiness. Called blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery can get rid of   puffy upper or lower eyelids and hollow, tired looking eyes. If you go this route,  make sure to find a specialist who has done thousands of eyelids, ask to see before and after  pictures and check with the local medical board to  check the surgeon’s history with other patients.

The Best Concealers for Oily Skin

As far as makeup is concerned concealer is a must have product for me especially during the hot and humid days, I just don’t like to layer my skin with foundation, in my opinion concealers that match your skin tone are much forgiving than sliding foundation.

Like foundations, concealers too come in a variety of textures that are targeted to suit variety of skin types. Depending upon your budget you can opt for the real high end ones or the more affordable drugstore formulas.

Before picking out the one for your oily skin keep in mind the below stated points:

• Avoid lotion or oil based concealer as these will make your skin even more oily.
• Always go for Stick, mineral powder based, or gel based concealers. Mousse concealers are also good as long as they are oil free.
• To avoid rashes on oily skin, go for fragrance free concealers.

MAC select cover up concealer:


If you do not suffer from very dark under eye circles and prefer a more natural look on your face then this is the concealer to go for. You don’t have put tons of layers to achieve the desired coverage. It is not sticky and does not crease under the eyes. It gives a natural matte finish to your skin.

Make up For ever Full Coverage Concealer:

5631_Make Up For Ever_full-cover-cnclr

It a full coverage concealer in true sense, it hides everything it touches. A perfect product for concealing the most extreme flaws, such as scars, severe skin damage, beauty spots, depigmentation or birthmarks. It is a matte finish concealer with ultra long-lasting staying power and waterproof formula. This product is available in 12 shades. It is also known to suit sensitive skin without any problem.

Colorbar Full Cover Concealer:

Colorbar-Full-Cover-Concealer (2)

Colorbar full cover concealer is oil-free, water resistant, non-comedogenic, enriched with vitamin e and has SPF 35. It blends easily to give your skin a smooth appearance.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer:


It is the best concealer that I have tried so far. Has a lightweight creme formula that blends like a dream and if that is not enough it is OIL FREE and WATER RESISTANT as well. To add to it Double Wear has TRANSFER-RESISTANT formula that provides medium buildable coverage that lasts all day long. Despite being a longwearing concealer this product does not have a dry feeling nor does it crease. Creates the perfected look of flawless skin all day. This concealer is available in 10 different shades.

Clinique All About Eyes Concealer:


Multi-tasking concealer disguises dark under-eye circles while helping to reduce the look of puffiness. Long-wearing, moisturizing formula won’t crease or settle into fine lines. it has an oil-free formula that is Ophthalmologist tested too.

Revlon PhotoReady Stick Concealer:


It is another good option for all those who want effective budget friendly product. It is an oil-free and fragrance-free product which might interest people with sensitive skin types. There are six shades in the line ranging from fair to deep. People with dry under eye area may notice it getting a little cakey under the eyes. Moisturize well and you can avoid this problem.

How To Cover Your Eyebrows Using The Glue Stick Method

1.Clean brow are with alcohol and be extremely careful not to get it in your eyes. This will help the glue stick to your oil free skin!!
2.Use the spooly brush to comb your brow hairs in a downward motion
3.drag glue downwards though brow hairs. If you really wanna make sure you tucked the glue under your hairs you may also move the glue stick in an upward motion through your brows. I do not recommend going against the growth of your brow hairs because I have known sticky glue sticks to pull out brow hairs and that is not what you want.
4.Use your finger to smooth your brows down as flat as you can get them.
5.Apply a thin second coat of glue and smooth it out with your finger again. Use a brush or puff to set the glue with a fine layer of translucent powder.
6.Scrape off a chunk of glue and use your spatula to smooth it evenly over one brow at a time. Pay careful attention to really making the edge where the glue meets your skin extra smooth. You may use your fingers at that point if necessary to make the edge less lumpy.
7.wait at least one minute
8.powder your browns lightly with either a translucent powder or powder foundation to absorb any last bit of moisture from the layers of glue
9.Use a brush to stipple a thin layer of concealer two shades lighter than your skin onto the brows. If the texture is at all slightly uneven use the brush to push the concealer into those tiny crevices to make them appear less deep and noticeable. Be very gentle you don’t want to make any more depressions in the glue or make existing ones worse!
10.Set the concealer with a powder foundation or a translucent powder
11.Repeat the process of using your brush to apply concealer a second time but this time use a concealer that matches your skin tone as closely as possible but never darker.
12.Smooth out the concealer by using a patting motion (NOT DRAGGING!!!) do this using a damp make up sponge like the Beauty Blender
13.Set again with powder (preferably using a powder puff like Laura Mercier’s
14.Apply your foundation over your work using the damp make up sponge
15.wait for your foundation to set/dry
16.Set work using a powder puff or extremely light strokes with a brush with either your powder foundation or a translucent powder
Use a wash cloth soaked in very warm water as a compress. You may also add a little eye make up remover to the washcloth if you like. When the glue has softened gently slide of your face. Use your regular cleanser and moisturizer afterwards and your good to go!!!

Helpful Tips…
1.Apply all layers very thinly. The idea is to build the amount of coverage you will need in a smooth and precise manner;
2.Do not cake on thick layers or you will create a lumpy, thick, disaster. Less is more here. You can always add more but in this case it is damn near impossible to reduce or take away layers if you make the mistake of getting overzealous with product.
3.Give each layer time to set and dry
4.If you need your brows to be 100% covered, such as you are trying to look like a cancer patient or a baby or whatever, make your first layer of concealer a white on to cancel out the darkness of your brow hair more effectively. Consecutive layers of concealer may be done with a full coverage tattoo concealer. Kat Von D makes a great one available at http://www.Sephora.com Additional layers of powder may be done with a foundation powder.
5.If you re planning on putting eyeshadow over your brows it is OK if they are ever so slightly visible when you have completed covering them. At that point the issue really is the texture and you need to make sure they are really smooth so that the eyeshadow you put over it looks nice and even.
6.Be patient with this!!! You may need to experiment several times to get it just how you want it in terms of texture and how much coverage you want.

Products Used:

1.99% isopropyl alcohol
2.Tissue or cotton swab
3.Glue Stick (preferably acid free)
4.Spooly brow brush or clean mascara wand
5.MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Powder Foundation in “Medium Plus”
6.Stila #33 Dual ended Foundation/concealer brush
7.Artist spatula, business card, old credit card, or anything with a dull flat edge
8.Lise Watier Portfolio Corrector concealer palette #695 “Light”
9.MAC Studio Finish Concealer “NC35″
10.Beauty Blender Sponge
11.Make Up Forever HD Foundation #125
12.Make Up Forever HD Powder