“Makeup Artist take a big chance on her fantasy skills.”


Down through the years Lashundra enjoyed making women look and feel there best. Her artistry started  in 2000 when she decide not to style hair for a living anymore, makeup became a passion of Shun beside music, so the talent was put to work  with  enhancing family, friends, and church members. Artistry took a while before she learned how to blend eyeshadow very well, and knowledge on cosmetics, brushes, and skin tones.

Lashundra  accepted a job in the mall as a beauty advisor, she worked for LANCOME cosmetics, and loved working for the company. After a while of all the training and experience she decided to take a big chance on her fantasy skills of art, and  become a freelance make artist in Memphis. Shun is now a well respected mua, in her hometown doing bigger and better opportunities.

I, Lashundra Easton would like to do celebrity makeup , and get more exposure for better opportunities in my career. However, I’m still learning new techniques to embrace my artistry skills. If anyone would like a makeover here is her information. http://www.facesbyshun.com, booklteastonmakeup@gmail.com. Stay tune with watching her beauty skills grow!



Fantasy Girl Contest


Contest Information

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Email – makeupmafiainfo@gmail.com send me your name, number, address, and website.

Deadline: Dec 18, 2015

 Winner will be announced Dec 19, 2015 on all social media and advertised on “Makeup Mafia Memphis” website.

Prize: $100.00 worth of cosmetics mailed out to the address given in the email under your name.

Fantasy Girl Contest 


Fantasy makeup offers an opportunity to use vivid and extreme colors and ideas. It’s creative design at its best. There are no limitations and you can draw inspiration from anywhere. The key ingredient for visual impact is to use bright colors that contrast and then add an unexpected element. Discover the fabulous looks you can create.



Fantasy Makeup Designs

In this section of the Makeup Notebook you’ll find a number of techniques to push your design skills beyond limits.

The emphasis is on using cosmetics to create your designs.

With a few simple tricks you can alter your favorite colors and use them transform your look for photos and special events.

Then use wild colored contact lenses to enhance your look.

Take your vivid colors and your cosmetic brushes and get started today.

Go wild with eye makeup and colored contacts!


Fantasy Makeup Looks

Fairy Makeup – For the little girl in all of us the new focus on fairy looks bring back memories of enchanted childhoods. Learn to create fairy designs with vivid eyeliners and eyeshadow colors.

Vampire Makeup – Vampires are back! The vampire craze is hot and you can go subtle or dramatic. It’s a look that will take your breath away. You can even combine it with Gothic style for a romantic version. The choice is yours.

Gothic Makeup Tips – This edgy style offers lots of creative opportunities. It’s daring and you can morph one design into a variety of looks. It takes smokey eyes to a whole new level. You can easily transform it into a vampire look in just seconds.

Face Painting Cheek Art – Yes, you can do face painting cheek art with makeup! You’ll learn simple face painting tips like what to use in place of glitter and how to make your body art last throughout the night.

Halloween Makeup – These are Halloween looks for adults. When you’re in a rush and have only a few minutes the best fantasy makeup tip is to focus on your eyes. Adapt your favorite designs for year round wear.

Fantasy Makeup Inspiration

Where do you draw inspiration when you want to create face art? Anywhere!

The best tip for creating stunning designs is to think vivid color. Color that makes people do a double take and glance twice. Look around you for incredible color combinations.


Take clues from nature for colorful designs.

For instance, take the colors from a favorite butterfly photo and then adapt them to yourself. Yes, it’s bizarre and that’s why it looks so striking on the human face.

When the color is applied in a small free-form design it will naturally look more subtle. If you want drama use vivid or dark color and use more area for the design.


Digital Cameras Capture The Fun

When you create looks you love remember to capture them with your iphone or digital camera. It makes it easier to refer back to. You can either recreate the same look or modify your designs. Plus, if you’re face painting with children then you are creating memories for a lifetime. Document your favorite designs with a digital camera for your own Makeup Notebook. Remember to note the colors you used, brushes, temporary tattoos and glitter eyeshadows. If you adapted an airbrush stencil then note which one worked the best.

Drag Queen Make Up Tips


Drag Queen Makeup and the art of transformation is sometimes a well kept trade secret. Some main stream makeup applications don’t apply well to drag queens. If you’ve been watching Rupaul’s Drag Race and were curious to how they do it, we’ve got you covered.

For the seasoned professional illusionist it has come as second nature, but for those who are new to doing drag, we will try to help you along.

With a series of hints and tips along with some video’s to help you get the ball rolling. We will be covering everything you could want to know about drag makeup, and for you drag kings we will be throwing in a few tips for you as well.

When necessary we will try and help you with product and other information. Remember smoke and mirrors as you do your makeup. It’s all just an illusion and it does make you feel pretty!
To complete your drag makeup look you will need the following:
1. Glue Stick or Spirit Gum

2. A day cream or moisturizer (this helps to keep your skin healthy after all that makeup)

3. Makeup Brushes for smooth and easy control.

4. Foundation, Concealer, Cosmetic powder.

5. Blush Pallet.

6. Eye Shadows (preferably in a color pallet that can be blended.)

7. Eyeliner (Pencil or Liquid)

8. Mascara.

9. Lipstick and Lipstick Gloss

10. Tweezers

11. Artificial Eyelashes

12. Glitter Optional!

Find your article of interest on your drag queen makeup tutorial
Make sure that your face is clean of oil and debris and that you have put on your day cream and or moisturizer. We’ve found that a nice foundation primer helps keep you makeup on and your skin fresh. Next we are going to show you how to conceal and cover your eyebrows. This step is a trick from the seasoned pros, and if you want a really dramatic look. Off we go…
One thing that people ask most when doing drag makeup, is how to cover your eyebrows. There are actually 3 ways to accomplish this. When doing your drag makeup look, here are the following tips on concealing those bushy eyebrows. Don’t fret you will not be shaving them off!

White Concealer Pan Stick: This method is the easiest of the 3. Using a tube of white concealer pan stick apply a thick layer on both eyebrows. Using a foundation powder, set the concealer. Apply your favorite foundation over this and you should be good to go. This method will work well on light to medium eyebrow color.

The Glue Stick Method:

Using a spool tipped brush or makeup brush, brush all your eyebrow hair in a downward motion.

Apply Glue Stick to the eyebrow making sure to evenly apply the glue. Then with your finger smooth out the glue. As the Glue begins to try apply some foundation and repeat until smooth. Tip: Using the back of a pair of tweezers also works nicely.

After your brow has completely dried, apply your foundation and pencil in your new eyebrows with your favorite eye lining pencil.

Tip on removing the glue stick: Just use a makeup wipe or a washcloth with warm to hot soapy water. Noxzema wipes are just as effective and when your done you just toss them out!

Spirit Gum Method: This method is the most time consuming and could be the messiest. Take the spirit gum and brush over both eyebrows. With the end of a makeup brush roll over so that the spirit gum gets sticky. When it gets to a sticky but almost dry stage apply the wax, rubbing and smoothing it out with your finger. Take the excess and transfer to the other eyebrow, and repeat. Once dry apply for foundation and to the next step.
After your eyebrows have been concealed, and your base foundation set, it’s time to contour. To achieve a great drag makeup look, this is a must. You must blend the foundation or risk having your makeup looking like lines on your face.

To highlight your cheeks and blend in the two foundation colors together take a small brush with a deep brown color and apply in a light diagonal direction towards your nose, just under the cheek with the lighter colored foundation. Keep working the brown color down your cheek fading it towards the jaw line. Apply this to your upper temples and on each side of your nose (the landing strip) as well, blending upwards towards the hair line.

Tip: This helps to blend in the two areas with foundation on it, It also softens the jaw line and makes your drag makeup smooth.

Next with a smaller brush take your favorite colored blush, work in circular motions to blend in the brown you just applied to the foundation. Apply this to the top of your forehead as well to round it out.

Tip: By applying the blush underneath the jaw bone, it will help to soften your drag makeup look. This is also called shadowing. When doing the shadow for your cheeks remember top of your ear, to the corner of your mouth.