How To Make Dark Skin Glow

If a fresh, dewy complexion is important to you, makeup that makes dark skin glow can give your skin the iridescent quality you’re after.

Prep First

Before you apply makeup that makes dark skin glow, you need to prep first. Good skin is the best foundation. You should practice a regular skincare routine that works with your particular skin type. You should also follow a healthy eating plan and drink plenty of water. Great complexions begin on the inside. The more you take care of what goes into your body, the less makeup you’ll have to apply to achieve a glowing look.

After your skin is cleansed, apply a moisturizer–yes, even if you have oily skin. Moisturizer helps your makeup go on evenly.

Makeup that Makes Dark Skin Glow: Colors

Your skin tone may range from olive to chocolate and be considered “dark.” There are makeup colors that will flatter any complexion; the trick is choosing which ones are made just for you.

You’ll likely find a full range of cosmetic colors in nearly every major brand, from mainstream names that cater to all ethnic groups to lines geared toward women of color. The following colors are great for African American skin tones as well as Indian or Hispanic complexions that are tan or darker.

Bronze or Gold

Bronze is an equal opportunity glowing color. It works for eye shadow, blush and allover bronzers. Bronze is a strong color and should be applied to one area. If you wear it as an eye color, sweep it across your eyelids and almost up to your brows, adding a touch of lighter shadow beneath your eyebrow’s arch as a highlighter. If you wear bronze as a cheek color, use a fluffy blush brush to place it on the apples of your cheeks. The darker your skin, the more bronze will contrast with your complexion, making it perfect for nighttime looks.


Some women with darker skin feel that pink isn’t an option in makeup colors for them, but this is outdated advice. Just make sure you choose the pink that flatters your skin tone best. Women with warm undertones should choose pinks that have flecks of orange or gold in them, or pinks that are yellow-based. Women with cool complexions will look best in pink that contains undertones of blue or purple.

The good thing is that pink is a versatile color. It ranges from pale to deep, so there is a pink out there for everyone. Tan skins look good in rosy pinks, while deep, dark complexions can wear colors such as fuchsia that might overwhelm lighter skin.


Peach is a pretty, subtle color that brings tan skin to life. It works on eyes, cheeks and lips. You can wear it all over for a natural look. Top a pretty peach lipstick with clear gloss for a shiny, inviting lip look.

Choosing Glowing Makeup

When choosing makeup to give your skin a healthy glow, mineral makeup often has the soft, iridescent qualities you’re looking for. You can choose mineral foundations, blush or loose powders.

Shop for makeup that bills itself as iridescent. For some cosmetic brands, the word to look for might be “pearlescent.” For others, it could be “shimmer” or “sparkle.” Just skip the matte makeup, which is designed to look flat, if you’re after a glowing look.

Tips for Wearing

Makeup that makes your skin glow can be subtle or dramatic.

  • For daytime, choose one feature to highlight, but make sure it’s suitable for work. Anything too glossy or shiny should be saved for nighttime.
  • At night, you can choose those deep colors and heavier applications that are too much for day.
  • If nothing else, dip a fluffy makeup brush into a loose mineral powder and apply it all over your face. This gives your skin a beautiful glow all by itself.


How to Start Your Own Brand

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own brand of beauty products? Have no idea where to start? This list will help get you started on the path to your new business.
Cosmetics - Daniela Salamanca/Moment Open/Getty Images

1.  Concept

First you will have to decide what will set your brand apart from the rest. There’s always room for more beauty products on the market, but starting with a niche product can sometimes make things easier. Areas that are really hot right now include products for curly hair and all-natural products.

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2.  Branding

Next you will have to come up with a concept for your brand. If you’re handy with the computer, there are tons of resources out there that can help you with creating a logo,website and marketing materials. If you prefer, you can hire someone to help you with this also.

A great website that can help get you started on your own is

And if you prefer to have a little more help (at an affordable rate) check out

3.  Finding a Lab

All great beauty products first start in the lab. There are several labs in the US that specialize in developing beauty products. You can contact a representative to discuss your plan of action and what type of ingredients you want to be using in your product.

Once your beauty product has been developed, they will send you samples that you can test out and then make changes to if need be. In my experience, the lab doesn’t usually get it right the first time. Make sure to discuss with your representative what their policy is about how many times they will tweak the product for you. Below you find links to two reputable beauty development labs.

Concept Laboratories

Cosmetics Lab Inc.

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Franchises for less than $10K. 100’s of low cost franchises.

4.  Packaging

Picking out packaging is my favorite part of the process. There are manufacturers that specialize in beauty product packaging, or the lab that you are working with will probably have some packaging options for you also.

Packaging is an opportunity to really set yourself apart from the pack. Consumers are suckers for beautifully packaged products so don’t be afraid to invest a little money up front for something that looks nice. It will really pay off when it comes time to sell your beauty product.

Check out for help with packaging.

5.  Distribution

Next you will have to decide where you want to sell your products and who your customer will be. Are you selling exclusively online? Will you be selling a boutique product that can only be found at exclusive stores? If you hope to see your products in a store window, you’ll want to find out who the beauty buyer is for each retailer that you hope to be featured in.

Beauty buyers can be jaded. They’re constantly being given new products to try and you really have to have something unique to get them to take notice.

6.  Marketing

Now that you have your product, it’s time to let the world know they exist! Create a facebook page and twitter handle for your new beauty product. Start reaching out to everyone you know and send free sample products to anyone you think might be able to get your brand in front of the right person.

Contact beauty bloggers and writers and send them packages of your product to try. Hopefully they’ll love it and blog about it to their readers.

If you work in a salon, ask your salon owner if you can keep some products at your station to sell to your clients.


Skin looks best when it’s bright, healthy and glowing, but stress and other day-to-day challenges often get in the way of looking great. That’s where the right products can help. If you’ve lost your glow lately, here are some tips for getting it back.

Make your skin glow like J-Lo with these product essentials:

Goldfaden's 3-in-1 Daily Moisturizer

How to get glowing skin


It’s important to start with a fresh face that is well moisturized. Try Goldfaden’s 3-in-1 Daily Moisturizer ($65 at to prep and protect your skin.


Try a luminizing foundation

How to get glowing skin


A luminizing foundation gives skin a subtle glow and natural-looking finish using light-reflecting ingredients. Try Nars Sheer Glow Foundation ($42 at Sephora), which provides sheer, buildable coverage (which we love), boosts brightness and leaves skin with improved texture and tone. Also tryStila Illuminating Liquid Foundation ($38 at Stila Cosmetics).


Go for a faux glow

How to get glowing skin


A bronzer can give your skin a brightening boost. Fresh High Noon Fresh Face Glow ($36 at Sephora) is a cream formula that you can wear alone or under makeup to give skin a subtle, sunkissed glow. Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer ($24.50) bestows brilliance with the flick of a powderbrush.


Use a highlighter

How to get glowing skin


Subtle shimmer or light-reflecting ingredients are the secrets to this tip. Try Benefit Girl Meets Pearl ($30 at Sephora), which gives skin a natural-looking glow. If you prefer a powder formula, try Stila All Over Shimmer Duo ($22 at Stila Cosmetics) to give your skin a subtle shimmer and warm up your complexion.


Get glowing skinGO BEYOND YOUR FACE

Glominerals will help you get glowing skin

Bring your faux glow beyond your face with glominerals’ shimmer brick in gleam or luster shades ($33 at Brush along your neck and decolletage to extend your skinkissed look.

Beauty Pageant Queen Tips


While genetics certainly do play a large part in looking  like a beauty queen, there are many tips and tricks pageant queens use to  transform themselves into completely stunning divas. By learning how to use  these beauty tips to your advantage, you too can look like a beauty queen!

1. Increasing Hair Volume:

Almost every beauty queen would agree your hair is the secret to looking more  feminine and graceful. When it’s in great health, long hair is preferred in  pageants. However, whether your hair is long or short, you can make it look  pageant-ready by adding more volume to your do. To get added volume, try  spraying a little dry shampoo into your roots and use large hot rollers before  you style your hair. Both of these tricks will help you gain more volume.  However, if you still don’t get the volume you crave, purchase a few hair  extensions at your local beauty store to help you instantly get the height you  desire.

2. Dress To Flatter  Your Body Type:

All women should know how to dress their specific body, to make it look the  best it possibly can. Believe it or not, beauty queens have body flaws too.  However, they are very rarely seen in pageants because beauty queens know how  to hide their flaws with smart dressing. For instance, if you have great  shoulders, try something strapless, to show them off. If you have long legs,  don’t be afraid to show them off!

3. Whiten Your Teeth:

One of the easiest ways to always look your best, is to ensure your smile is  always bright and white. Forget about spending loads of cash on whitening  techniques or products. Instead, opt for whitening toothpaste or simple whitening  strips from your local drugstore to get the same effect. Not only should you  whiten your teeth, however, but you should show the world your smile on an  extremely frequent basis. Everyone looks more beautiful with a smile on their  face!

4. Discover Your  Ideal Makeup:

Most beauty queens do their own makeup for pageants, which  is why they suggest you discover what your ideal makeup might be. It’s  important to know what looks best on you and practice applying cosmetics on a  regular basis, so you can get better and better. When experimenting, figure out  what look might work best if you’re going for a natural everyday style and also  what look might work best for a glamour date, out on the town. Whether you use  Cover Girl or seek advice from your Sephora counter girl, be sure to practice,  practice, practice!

5. Fake It:

Millions of women are turning to plastic surgery to enhance their breast size.  While this is often a choice beauty queens make, you can get breast enhancement  in a natural way with exterior silicone filets. Also called chicken filets,  these faux breasts will give you a lift where you need it most. They are also  quite unnoticeable, even fitting under small bikinis with no problem.

6. Preparation H to  Reduce Puffiness:

One of the oldest skin care tricks in the book is to use Preparation H for  puffy eyes. Beauty queens often don’t get enough sleep during pageants, as the  demands and schedule is grueling. Thus, they often dab a tiny bit of  Preparation H under the eye area to make them look less puffy after a long  night.

7. Eat Bananas:

Another way to naturally reduce the appearance of puffy skin and to counteract  excess salt you may have consumed is to eat bananas. Bananas are full of  potassium, which is excellent for getting extra fluid out of your body.

8. Keep Your Hands  Pretty:

Beauty queens never leave the house with ratty nails, which is why they often  suggest getting long lasting faux nails or tips applied. In fact, most will get  a new set applied right before the pageant, so they always look top notch!

9. Get Your Glow (a  Faux One!):

Many beauty experts agree, a tan is the best accessory you could possibly have.  However, spending time in the harmful rays of the sun can be a terrible idea.  Instead, choose to get a sun kissed look by using self-tanners or spray tanning  booths.

10. Heels Make You  Sexy:

Whether you’re sporting jeans or an evening gown, beauty queens are rarely seen  without their high heels. Heels not only make you look more polished, but they  can make your legs look longer and leaner.

Drag Queen Make Up Tips


Drag Queen Makeup and the art of transformation is sometimes a well kept trade secret. Some main stream makeup applications don’t apply well to drag queens. If you’ve been watching Rupaul’s Drag Race and were curious to how they do it, we’ve got you covered.

For the seasoned professional illusionist it has come as second nature, but for those who are new to doing drag, we will try to help you along.

With a series of hints and tips along with some video’s to help you get the ball rolling. We will be covering everything you could want to know about drag makeup, and for you drag kings we will be throwing in a few tips for you as well.

When necessary we will try and help you with product and other information. Remember smoke and mirrors as you do your makeup. It’s all just an illusion and it does make you feel pretty!
To complete your drag makeup look you will need the following:
1. Glue Stick or Spirit Gum

2. A day cream or moisturizer (this helps to keep your skin healthy after all that makeup)

3. Makeup Brushes for smooth and easy control.

4. Foundation, Concealer, Cosmetic powder.

5. Blush Pallet.

6. Eye Shadows (preferably in a color pallet that can be blended.)

7. Eyeliner (Pencil or Liquid)

8. Mascara.

9. Lipstick and Lipstick Gloss

10. Tweezers

11. Artificial Eyelashes

12. Glitter Optional!

Find your article of interest on your drag queen makeup tutorial
Make sure that your face is clean of oil and debris and that you have put on your day cream and or moisturizer. We’ve found that a nice foundation primer helps keep you makeup on and your skin fresh. Next we are going to show you how to conceal and cover your eyebrows. This step is a trick from the seasoned pros, and if you want a really dramatic look. Off we go…
One thing that people ask most when doing drag makeup, is how to cover your eyebrows. There are actually 3 ways to accomplish this. When doing your drag makeup look, here are the following tips on concealing those bushy eyebrows. Don’t fret you will not be shaving them off!

White Concealer Pan Stick: This method is the easiest of the 3. Using a tube of white concealer pan stick apply a thick layer on both eyebrows. Using a foundation powder, set the concealer. Apply your favorite foundation over this and you should be good to go. This method will work well on light to medium eyebrow color.

The Glue Stick Method:

Using a spool tipped brush or makeup brush, brush all your eyebrow hair in a downward motion.

Apply Glue Stick to the eyebrow making sure to evenly apply the glue. Then with your finger smooth out the glue. As the Glue begins to try apply some foundation and repeat until smooth. Tip: Using the back of a pair of tweezers also works nicely.

After your brow has completely dried, apply your foundation and pencil in your new eyebrows with your favorite eye lining pencil.

Tip on removing the glue stick: Just use a makeup wipe or a washcloth with warm to hot soapy water. Noxzema wipes are just as effective and when your done you just toss them out!

Spirit Gum Method: This method is the most time consuming and could be the messiest. Take the spirit gum and brush over both eyebrows. With the end of a makeup brush roll over so that the spirit gum gets sticky. When it gets to a sticky but almost dry stage apply the wax, rubbing and smoothing it out with your finger. Take the excess and transfer to the other eyebrow, and repeat. Once dry apply for foundation and to the next step.
After your eyebrows have been concealed, and your base foundation set, it’s time to contour. To achieve a great drag makeup look, this is a must. You must blend the foundation or risk having your makeup looking like lines on your face.

To highlight your cheeks and blend in the two foundation colors together take a small brush with a deep brown color and apply in a light diagonal direction towards your nose, just under the cheek with the lighter colored foundation. Keep working the brown color down your cheek fading it towards the jaw line. Apply this to your upper temples and on each side of your nose (the landing strip) as well, blending upwards towards the hair line.

Tip: This helps to blend in the two areas with foundation on it, It also softens the jaw line and makes your drag makeup smooth.

Next with a smaller brush take your favorite colored blush, work in circular motions to blend in the brown you just applied to the foundation. Apply this to the top of your forehead as well to round it out.

Tip: By applying the blush underneath the jaw bone, it will help to soften your drag makeup look. This is also called shadowing. When doing the shadow for your cheeks remember top of your ear, to the corner of your mouth.

How To Cover Your Eyebrows Using The Glue Stick Method

1.Clean brow are with alcohol and be extremely careful not to get it in your eyes. This will help the glue stick to your oil free skin!!
2.Use the spooly brush to comb your brow hairs in a downward motion
3.drag glue downwards though brow hairs. If you really wanna make sure you tucked the glue under your hairs you may also move the glue stick in an upward motion through your brows. I do not recommend going against the growth of your brow hairs because I have known sticky glue sticks to pull out brow hairs and that is not what you want.
4.Use your finger to smooth your brows down as flat as you can get them.
5.Apply a thin second coat of glue and smooth it out with your finger again. Use a brush or puff to set the glue with a fine layer of translucent powder.
6.Scrape off a chunk of glue and use your spatula to smooth it evenly over one brow at a time. Pay careful attention to really making the edge where the glue meets your skin extra smooth. You may use your fingers at that point if necessary to make the edge less lumpy.
7.wait at least one minute
8.powder your browns lightly with either a translucent powder or powder foundation to absorb any last bit of moisture from the layers of glue
9.Use a brush to stipple a thin layer of concealer two shades lighter than your skin onto the brows. If the texture is at all slightly uneven use the brush to push the concealer into those tiny crevices to make them appear less deep and noticeable. Be very gentle you don’t want to make any more depressions in the glue or make existing ones worse!
10.Set the concealer with a powder foundation or a translucent powder
11.Repeat the process of using your brush to apply concealer a second time but this time use a concealer that matches your skin tone as closely as possible but never darker.
12.Smooth out the concealer by using a patting motion (NOT DRAGGING!!!) do this using a damp make up sponge like the Beauty Blender
13.Set again with powder (preferably using a powder puff like Laura Mercier’s
14.Apply your foundation over your work using the damp make up sponge
15.wait for your foundation to set/dry
16.Set work using a powder puff or extremely light strokes with a brush with either your powder foundation or a translucent powder
Use a wash cloth soaked in very warm water as a compress. You may also add a little eye make up remover to the washcloth if you like. When the glue has softened gently slide of your face. Use your regular cleanser and moisturizer afterwards and your good to go!!!

Helpful Tips…
1.Apply all layers very thinly. The idea is to build the amount of coverage you will need in a smooth and precise manner;
2.Do not cake on thick layers or you will create a lumpy, thick, disaster. Less is more here. You can always add more but in this case it is damn near impossible to reduce or take away layers if you make the mistake of getting overzealous with product.
3.Give each layer time to set and dry
4.If you need your brows to be 100% covered, such as you are trying to look like a cancer patient or a baby or whatever, make your first layer of concealer a white on to cancel out the darkness of your brow hair more effectively. Consecutive layers of concealer may be done with a full coverage tattoo concealer. Kat Von D makes a great one available at Additional layers of powder may be done with a foundation powder.
5.If you re planning on putting eyeshadow over your brows it is OK if they are ever so slightly visible when you have completed covering them. At that point the issue really is the texture and you need to make sure they are really smooth so that the eyeshadow you put over it looks nice and even.
6.Be patient with this!!! You may need to experiment several times to get it just how you want it in terms of texture and how much coverage you want.

Products Used:

1.99% isopropyl alcohol
2.Tissue or cotton swab
3.Glue Stick (preferably acid free)
4.Spooly brow brush or clean mascara wand
5.MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Powder Foundation in “Medium Plus”
6.Stila #33 Dual ended Foundation/concealer brush
7.Artist spatula, business card, old credit card, or anything with a dull flat edge
8.Lise Watier Portfolio Corrector concealer palette #695 “Light”
9.MAC Studio Finish Concealer “NC35″
10.Beauty Blender Sponge
11.Make Up Forever HD Foundation #125
12.Make Up Forever HD Powder